Story Cube Challenge – Week 7

Hello there, friends!

So, this is week 7 of the #storycubechallenge already. This week, I actually wrote something. Yeehaw for schedules. The cubes for this story certainly made more sense to me than those ones did last week. 😛

If you’re new to this, here’s where it all started. I also have a Pinterest board for the cubes, check that out here. If you’re participating in this challenge, please use the #storycubechallenge on social media, and I’ll go have a look and thumbs up!

OK, this is how our hero will look in week 7:


That looks like another interesting one. O_O

And this is our story-spiration for week 7:


Right. This is how I scrambled last week’s cubes:

Story Cubes – Week 6

Alec loves being outdoors. His favourite pastimes are camping and having a nap or a beer while fishing.

He bent and shut one eye. The cool metal of the doorknob made the skin over his cheekbone tingle, but maybe the figure on the other side of the keyhole had something to do with the sensations on his skin too.

Heat spread to his extremities and he smiled to himself. His heart raced and his palms left sweat stains on his trousers as he wiped his hands. The lady on the other side of the door unzipped her dress and Alec licked his lips. The skin felt dry and too hot.

A pleasant smell, kind of like a barbeque being lit, made the dream-scene change. Damnit!

Now, Alec was in the backyard, surrounded by family, drinking a beer and flipping a fish on the coals. Everybody laughed at the joke he told, cooking utensils swinging through the air as he spoke. Happiness made him feel warm inside too.

Why do I feel so hot?

Coherence illuminated him like a lightbulb flicked on in a basement.

With effort, Alec opened his eyes.


He grabbed the bucket, tossed out the beer and hurled the ice at the burning tent. He swore as he ran to the river, filled the bucket and raced back to the tent. Susurrations and smoke rose like a phoenix as the water splashed onto the canvas.
It took two more return trips to douse the flames.

Alec wiped the moisture from his forehead and reached for one of his beers, now covered with dirt and leaves clinging to the precipitation. He sat down against the tree and gulped down the cool ale.

“Well, that was a bloody disaster.”

With a grunt, he crushed the empty can and threw it into the bag with the other empties. He pushed himself to his feet and inspected his tent. A quick calculation of the remainder of his supplies brought him to realise that he would not be able to spend the night, as he had intended.

“Even if the damn tent didn’t have a gaping hole. Gah!” He kicked at a log. “Best pack up what’s left.”

Packing up his provisions and gear did not take long. Most of it was damaged to the extent that it went into the empties bag as garbage. The cucumber and carrot sticks his mom had insisted he bring along were discarded onto the riverbed for the turtles, but he munched on the sandwich she’d wrapped.

When he was done, he picked up his compass and set out in the direction of the road. “Old lady is going to be right pissed at this mess. I’ll be washing the car for a year for this! Ugh.”


It was a good week for me! I used both the hero builder and the story cubes! This should probably alert you to something apocalyptic coming, I don’t know.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good weekend.

See you on Monday!



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