Back in the Bloomin’ Couch days, I blogged every weekday for four years.

Initially, this wasn’t too difficult. I had a lot of beauty topics to cover and even tried my hand at makeup tutorials. The blog evolved as I did, so it didn’t stick to beauty related stuff. If I wanted to, I could blog about art, music, movies, books – whatever held my attention at any given time. This was a good time for me.

Then, the big blog slump of 2015 struck. It started by me cutting down my posts per week, evolved to throwing the new schedule out the window and ended up in moving the blog here, because I didn’t feel at home on the Couch anymore.

Since then, my posting has been erratic at best, with a lot of breaks in transmission when I didn’t feel like writing something.

Now, I’m a creature of habit. No, that’s not really accurate.

I’m a crazed schedule follower.

If I don’t have some kind of schedule / structure, I do nothing. No, you don’t understand. NOTHING. My moods will influence the tasks at hand. Happy-Yolandie will do the things that are supposed to be done. Sometimes, she’ll even undertake unplanned tasks, like organising closets or scrubbing the oven. Sad or Anxious-Yolandie, on the other hand, melts onto the sofa and watches Doctor Who for three weeks straight. That doesn’t help anyone.

So. I have a schedule. If that schedule is broken, I go to pieces. At the same time, the rules of the schedule help me function. In other words, shit gets done.

This is why I want to force myself to follow a posting schedule on the blog again. If I know I have a blog due, I won’t wait until the night before to write it. I may even build up a few buffer posts, because I know I’m expected to upload something. In theory.

At this stage, I don’t want to commit to more than three posts per week. Mondays will be the Photo Diary day, Wednesdays will be for either the German Chronicles, Current Chaos or Typeface, and Fridays for the Story Cube Challenge. Should I happen to feel another post for a specific week, I’ll write and upload it on Thursdays.

These categories have been on the blog since it moved here in January, but I’ll explain each one quickly for any newcomers.

pdThe Photo Diary category is pretty self-explanatory, I think. Basically, everything related to a Weekend in Pictures post, a sightseeing / vacation post or anything else that involves a lot of family photos are included here.

Monday posts won’t necessarily be only Weekend in Pictures posts from now on (I’ve been changing that rule over the past month or so anyway). If we didn’t do anything cool over the weekend – which happens A LOT – but we did see a castle or visit a park during the week, I’ll rather share those pics on Mondays.

Besides, I still don’t get why the WIP posts are the most popular ones on my blog. Our life is pretty boring, in my opinion, but you weirdo’s want to see what we get up to anyway. This is why I keep uploading WIP’s.

I aim to please.

gcThe German Chronicles is where I’ll talk about anything and everything related to our move to Germany. I’m going to try and update this one bi-weekly, but I don’t want to commit to that.

The main reason for this is that I often don’t know what to write about. It feels like I’ve covered the main topics here and all I’m left with are updates. Plus, there are a lot of vloggers / bloggers who talk only about immigrating to specific countries. Do I really have something fresh to offer?

I have an idea or two for posts, but I’m not certain if anyone would like to read about, say the brands we have in Germany, or some of the social standards here. Moving from Africa, there are quite a lot of things that really do shock or intrigue us about Europe. Do you want me to elaborate?

Please let me know if you have thoughts / ideas on this.

kaboom-colourWatcha think of my mad gif creating skillz?

Current chaos is for everything that I’m obsessed with at the time of writing (this changes often) or everything that’s going on in my life that I can’t fit into one of the other categories. This means art, music, books,  or games, and everything in between.

I used to link you to blogs I like too, and I think it’s time to start doing that again. I know so many amazing people who are involved in great projects, that it would be wrong not to tell you about them. And help them get off the ground by telling you.

I haven’t written one of these eclectic posts in way too long, despite all of the things that had me giddy over the last few months. This is going to be rectified.

If you have a game, series, blog or book to recommend, or anything random that you find and think I’ll like, please drop me a line.

tfTypeface is the category that is related to writing. Here you’ll find posts that contain my thoughts on stuff, like on religion, or inspirational posts, like the glass, as some examples.

This is also the home of the Story Cube Challenge and the place where you’ll find anything regarding my writing process, novels and things like that.

Simply put – if the post is text-heavy and not about my life in Germany, this is the place to look for it.

Again, if you have a specific topic in mind that you’d like me to write about, please suggest something. I’ve had some suggestions over the past few weeks and I’m excited to start writing them.

Some of the posts will fall into more than one category, so I’ll file them that way.

In the past, I tried to upload early in the morning, but this has become tricky with a two-year-old in the mix. The schedule is still there, make no mistake, but I used to try and slip away in the between moments. Some mornings, the post went up at 8:00 sharp, which made me happy. Some mornings, it didn’t.

I get so frazzled when I don’t post at a specific time, and that can cast a negative shadow on the rest of my day. In fact, some days I have a post ready, I just need to publish it, but if I miss the 8:00 deadline, I don’t post it at all. The thing about a schedule is that this kind of behaviour won’t fly anymore. 😀

That’s why I’m moving the posting time and making it more flexible. Expect new stuff around lunch time, when Kayla is calm and / or in bed for the afternoon nap. This puts me at between 13:00 and 14:00 CET.

I think that’s all of it.

Hope you have a good day!


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