My WIP – Forests and Food

Welcome back!

I said this last week somewhere and I’ll say it again – I feel as if a train ran over my head, realised it was on the wrong course and then reversed. I’ve been unable to stay fully awake at any given time for about 8 days solid. Hello, Monday.

This weekend was a pretty packed one.

My German lessons usually fall on Friday late mornings, but my teacher was on vacation last week, so I had the day off. This meant getting acrylics up to our elbows. Kayla and I both adore art and painting, so this change in schedule fit both our needs perfectly.

I put the little lady up to painting toilet rolls. Once all of them are covered, I’ll cut them up and we’ll stick them down to make a picture. Shants, you inspired this.

Anyway, while Kay painted the TP rolls, I did a watercolour painting. If you’ve been around the blog, you’ll know how forests inspire me. This was a lot of fun to paint.

We followed our artistic endeavours with Nutella sandwiches (this is a Friday-must in my house) and I topped off the day with a Lush bath. This one was the blackberry bath bomb. Is there anything more amazing than a lush bath bomb and a good book after a long, hot day? I think not.

Sure, we did a lot of other stuff too, but I don’t have photos. 🙂

On Saturday we went hiking in a small forest near our home. The beauty of being able to hop a train or two and end up in a place like this astounds me. And I just told you how much I love forests, so it’s really good for both inspiration and to recharge those batteries.

Afterwards, we fed some goats and sheep at this little petting zoo that (as far as I understand) is maintained by a school. You can imagine how Kayla enjoyed feeding the animals. There’s also this little cafe where we ate some DELICIOUS waffles and we then visited a playground. By the time we headed home, we were tired as hell.

On Sunday, we headed over to Essen to eat something with some friends. This is punny, because ‘essen’ means ‘to eat’ in German. Of course, the city Essen doesn’t originate from the word for ‘eat’, but this is a long story. Wiki knows. Don’t say my blog isn’t educational. 😛

We walked off lunch through the city plain, where – as always – something was happening. The last stop was Limbecker Platz to look at the fountain and eat ice cream.

This Mexican restaurant, Sausalitos, is really amazing. I would recommend it to anyone ever in the Essen area.  Food porn incoming.

That’s all from me for the day. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a good week, folks!



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