Story Cube Challenge – Week 3

Why do weeks move so quickly when you’re supposed to be writing for a story challenge you created yourself? I find myself doing anything BUT working on the cubes, until the night before. I really need to time manage better and procrastinate less. In the words of my friend Charlie Brown. Good. Grief.

Before I get to the cubes, I’ve created a Pinterest board for the challenge, because a reader asked me to. You can follow the board if you want to, so you’ll have all of the cube photos in order and in the same place. You know, without having to search through all of my random waffling. 😛

Here’s what you’ve missed if you’re new.

Week 1
Week 2

Please remember to use #storycubechallenge if you’re planning to upload your story somewhere, then I’ll have a look and give it a like.

Create a hero :


And write your story with these.


This time, I actually created a hero too, though I have to admit that the hero and story concept were all given to me by my hubs. He figured it all out, I just wrote it. So, I do feel like I failed a bit.

Story Cubes – Week 2

My Hero: Layla is an explorer, who loves to visit ruins at night.

Flickering light made weird shadows on the walls, almost like lurking creatures that stalked their prey. Layla clutched her torch and inched forward.

Hours had passed since she entered the tomb, but she was getting close to the end – her right ear itched. Like some kind of magic, her special sixth sense was never wrong. It made finding her way in the belly of tombs much easier, even if the itch did not always lead her to treasure.

“But today’s going to be different.”

Her voice fell flat in the silence and stirred up some dust before it disappeared. The sound met a blunt death as the phantoms devoured it.

Layla rolled her neck and pressed on, until the beam of light from her torch was severed in half. Two paths spread out and momentary indecision made Layla stop.

“Well, that’s an unexpected twist. Let’s go… right.”

Cobwebs caressed her face like old lovers, then became just as clingy. Layla brushed and shook off the webs as she moved, excitement a hyperactive child, tugging her ever forward by the hand.

A slight upward slant to the passage made her ear tingle. “Almost there.”

The eventual dead end of the passage led Layla to a massive, stone door, inscribed with little, turquoise scarabs. A larger scarab, covered in oxidised copper, sat on the centre of the door. Little scratch marks on the stone made it obvious that the insect could move, somehow, and Layla reached out to it. “Ah, some kind of lock.”

She pushed at the scarab, then turned it, and the door grunted under her touch. With a little coaxing, the bug spun on its axis. The door banged open. Little pebbles shook loose from the ceiling and rained down, while billowing dust became Layla’s mantle.

Coughing and sneezing, she entered the room.

Roots had burrowed into the space, hanging down like wooden cobwebs. Layla ran her hand over one of the veins, smiling to herself. “You must be a massive tree.”

She searched the room with her meticulous and well-practised formula. “Another empty one.”

Yet, her ear still itched.

The second search made her pause in front of the roots. Some loose stones were lodged into one of the gnarls, making a small pile, like a grave marker. Gently, Layla removed the stones, placing them in a neat stack on the ground.

Her treasure was underneath – a small golden mask, a charm for a bracelet. Dented and dull with age, the trinket was probably worthless. Still, Layla slipped it onto her lucky necklace by one of the eye holes.

She smiled as she clambered her way back through the dark, homeward.


Next week, I’ll try to not write the story at an unreasonable hour the night before I need to post it. I mean, that time is reserved for gaming. 😛

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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