Glitter Waves

I’ve been playing around with filming.

In my far past (as in, high school :D) I had this dream of being a film director or writing screenplays. Then life happened and I never thought of making movies again. My dreams shifted along the way and led me to writing, and it makes me happy to be able to write.

When Liani and I started to talk about making a book trailer, I never imagined I’d be doing science experiments with glitter and household liquids while filming. Yet, here I am.


In my new novel, The Physician’s Apprentice, I have a kingdom protected by a purple energy field. I picture this thing as a dome, with a surface like oil slick – always moving and bleeding into new twirling shapes. Instead of a petroleum rainbow, the colours will stick to various purples and maroons.

I haven’t been able to create an effect like that at all.

BUT while trying to get there, I’ve managed to shoot some pretty cool footage of other effects. This is one of those.

I honestly can’t remember exactly what I used to get here, because I’ve been at this for so long that the combinations have become gibberish. I can tell you the glitter is from makeup pigments, I used water and some acrylic paints, a little oil and dishwashing liquid (that’s what repels the oil to make the waves) and some nail polish remover at one point.


I’m probably going to keep uploading stuff like this to my YouTube in the near future. I actually like shooting these videos and it calms my anxiety too. So if you like it, please share and subscribe.

As for the book trailer, I’ll let you know as soon as we have something to show you (though it obviously won’t air until I have a real publishing date). I’ll also do a full post on the book as soon as I get feedback from round two of edits. I haven’t shared this with you yet, but Nerine actually had something pretty awesome to say about the manuscript when she started editing the other day :


I know this is me, btw, because she also tagged me on Twitter. 😀

I know the manuscript isn’t perfect and she’ll probably hurl something pointy at me before she reaches the last page, but this seriously made a massive difference in my confidence levels. It also scares the daylight out of me, because authors kill their darlings. I’m kind of waiting for her to strike now. 😛

If you’re in need of an editor, I totally recommend her.

Anyway, see you tomorrow for the story cube challenge.

Have a good one!



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