Story Cube Challenge – Week 2

Well, that was more interesting than I anticipated…

Here we are in week two of the story cube challenge. I’ll just say that this thing lived up to it’s name. Making a story out of pictures was challenging, but heck, I did it! Woot woot! Did you? Please link me to your story, I’d love to see what you got out of it!

If you want a recap of last week’s cubes and the rules, here’s the link.

This is what our hero looks like this week:


And then the cubes for the main story:


I didn’t build a hero last week, because I just couldn’t find someone out of those three blocks! I did manage more than 500 words though, so booya! I’ll add last week’s cubes with the order I used them in after the story. Hope you like it!

Story Cubes – Week 1

Everything is in the scales now – all I own. What’s left of it anyway. I hope Tom rots for this! I should have known a guy like him would never look at me twice! Whenever a remotely attractive asshole smiles in my direction, it’s like high school never happened!

I suck in my breath as the dice tumble down the length of the table, rattling as they roll. My stomach jostles, sloshing that cheap wine I shouldn’t have had. Damn this headache!

My vision blurs, but not enough to obscure the dots on the dice.

Snake eyes.

Oh, shit. Lost. Everything is lost! Father always said I’d amount to nothing and probably end up on the streets. He always knew what a loser I am. I had to go and prove him right by investing in that stupid pyramid scheme. How am I even…

The casino walls spin around me as if it’s the ball racing over the roulette wheel. The tremors are jackhammers, chipping away at my bones. I tumble. My teeth slam shut as my jaw thumps against the craps table. “Grrah!”

My neck is a plank, my cheek the spot where the nail is hammered in. I swallow vomit and blood. Black spots obscure my sight. I blink hard and breathe deep.

People swarm around me. Too many of them, too close.

He starts to move, a casual roll of his hips that somehow manages to seem hasty. Since the moment he walked in, he was on the prowl. Every woman in the casino has been caressed by his sharp gaze. Every woman but me.

His eyes are black, but not dead, no. Rather like obsidian with the residual heat of lava at its core. He looks at me as if he wants to pollinate me. Me? I’m drunk.

“Claudette, you’re drunk.” The Bee’s voice is honey, his smile magnetic. He bends and pulls me toward him. “Play along, Sugar,” he says, his words no more than the air stirring.

“I fell.”

“I saw that! Come along, time to go home.”

“Sir.” The casino official’s face is like a freshly painted wall. “She just lost a bet. Are you responsible for her?”

The crowd thins and only one or two drama-seekers linger.

The Bee smiles. “No.” He flashes a badge and drops his voice. “But I doubt you want me to make a scene as I arrest her. She’s a wanted embezzler, so you’ll have to get in line to claim what she owes. Let me take her while she’s drunk and out of it.”


The official groans. “I’ll call my manager.”

“You do that, but I can tell you what he’ll say. Everybody wants this little lady safe behind bars.”

The official shakes his head and half-turns. “I’m calling my manager- Hallo, Sir? I’ve got a…”

The Bee’s mouth is close to my ear. “Three, two, one… Run!”

We’re moving – how, I don’t know. Well, he runs and yanks me along behind him.

The official shouts and chaos breaks out.

I gasp. “What the hell?”

The Bee chuckles, but doesn’t stop. “Let’s take a gamble, Sugar. Do we make it, or not?”


I learned two things about myself when I sat down to write this. 1) When I’m inspired, I write like a machine. Food, coffee, sleep – all of that takes a backseat to the writing. 2) When I’m uninspired, I won’t write until I’m on so close to my deadline that I can feel it fart. I literally finished this last night around ten. Let’s see if I’m better this week.  Tam tam taaaaam .

Hope you’ll take this challenge with me again! #storycubechallenge

Have a good weekend,



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