You want to put that where?

We’re safely back from our trip to London, of which I promise I’ll share some photos this week. I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive, even if I was unsure for a minute there.

We arrived back in Germany last Monday night and on Tuesday, the floodgates opened. Kayla was super ill, straight through the night. All of the laundry I’d brought back from vacation and done so neatly paled in comparison to the mountain of vomit-stained linen I now had to wash.

But still, the laundry was the least of my problems. Seeing that little person so sick is the worst thing ever.


So on Wednesday, we went to see a doctor.

Kayla isn’t a doctor enthusiast, it turns out. She also wasn’t a fan of the urine sample they wanted from her (seriously? You want a dehydrated, sleep deprived two year old to pee in a cup for you? I’d rather fight a lightning breathing, dragon-riding yeti with a chainsaw). But she was the least enthusiastic where the prescribed suppositories are concerned. You’ve never heard a kid scream as loudly as when the suppository comes out of the wrapper. As a first time parent, this is something I was unaware of until last week.

Suppositories are gross, I know. As a community, we don’t talk about them, because they go in the place where the sun doesn’t shine. Yuck? Yes. Effective? Extremely. Butt (ha! See what I did there?) even adults don’t like the things. How are you going to get a kid to understand that? They look at you with those big, innocent eyes as if you’re coming towards them with a bazooka aimed to fire the white bullet up their butt holes. This usually results in clenched cheeks and writhing to get away from you. The yeti-thing I said earlier? In this case you can imagine me fighting ten of them, with only a dagger in each hand.

At least Kayla was feeling better and eating again after we *FINALLY* got one in. The results of suppositories can’t be doubted in cases like these.

Then, as the fates would have it, I started feeling ill on Thursday morning. Obviously the feeling escalated to breakfast checking out of my stomach pretty soon. Lovely. I was in and out of the bathroom for the whole day. I felt as if someone had wrung out my guts and hung them on a line to dry, so sometimes I just remained flat on the cold tiles and stared at dust motes. I’m a writer, hence the melodrama. 😛

But it was OK, because at least the hubs and Kay were still good, right?

Yeah. Not so much.

That evening, when I was so depleted I could barely lift my own weight out of bed, Jan was sick for the first time and Kay picked up where she left off. Again, straight through the night. Again, vomit-reeking laundry. But this time, from two of them.

So, another day, another doctor. And another friggen suppository (or two).

It took us a few days, but we’re finally back to normal. Which, of course, means that I’ll be back on the blog and social media this week. Thanks for sticking by me during this weird, unplanned radio silence.

We lost a lot of the wedding photos because the file got corrupted on the external drive, which sucks. Luckily we still have enough to share here, so be sure to look out for that!

Have a good one, folks!



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