Fun Shapes for Kids


When my folks came to visit, my mom brought some cool hand-made gifts for Kayla. I mentioned in a post that I would share more about these gifts with you, so I’m doing that now.

As a mom of a two-year-old who still has her own things to do and ambitions in life, I’m always looking for educational and effective ways to keep my kid busy so I can see to other things. The house doesn’t clean itself, after all. Note to self, I really need to invest in a Roomba.

Anyway. My mother had this genius idea to make Kayla a shape chart? A shape puzzle? It’s a shape-a-ma-jig. She probably found it on Pinterest, knowing my mom, but I’m giving her full credit for this awesome invention. And the best part is you can make it too. You’re welcome. 😛

It’s so easy. My mom cut a square of blue felt and divided it into 16 squares. Inside each square, she drew a shape: squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. You can obviously draw any shape you want. I bet this would be fun with flowers, hearts, diamonds and bows. Or, if you have loads of time, you could draw dinosaurs or animals.

The next step is to cut corresponding shapes out of bright coloured felt. Et voilà.

It’s simple to make and is a fun and educational gift. This thing keeps Kayla busy for long stretches of time, while it teaches her colours and shapes and develops her fine motor skills. The fact that it’s made of felt is also great, because not even the terrible twos can turn felt into an object of destruction. I bet this would also be a great gift for younger kids.

Thanks to my mom for this brilliant gift, because it keeps Kay busy while giving me some time to blog. 😛 We play with this thing every single day. Love you mom. ❤

Have a good one, folks!


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