blah-colourSo, here it is. The decision to get my butt of the Couch wasn’t easy, but it was a long time in coming.

No, I didn’t really get off a couch. It was a metaphor. You know, figuratively, not literally. But because ‘literally’ is used so loosely lately, I’ll clarify. 😀

I mean the decision to stop writing on The Bloomin’ Couch and start a new blog. I know there are some readers who don’t agree with it and I’ll probably lose a lot more readers because of it, but, you know, it feels right to start over. With a clean slate.

Well, kind of anyway.

I’ve imported a bunch of posts that I feel are good to have to form a background image for new readers, as well as allow the older readers to feel at home. I didn’t import all of the posts, because there are TOO MANY in total. And this is a clean-up gig after all.

The truth is, it was time to move my blogging platform.

I’ve changed, you know. I’m not the same person I was when I started blogging 5 years ago (whut…!).  I’ve learned things about myself that stunned and amazed me. I’ve gone down unexplored avenues and filled my experience jar with new stuff.

Change changes things. It means we outgrow places, jobs, dreams and even people sometimes. It means things are no longer the same old, but it’s stirring into something new. Change is sad sometimes, but it’s also beautiful.

It’s like discovering an incredible stained glass window, intricate tapestry or mosaic mural. It’s like facing a brilliant painting for the first time. You can lose yourself in the artist’s brush strokes, allowing your eyes to explore the mysteries of the painting, drinking it in and making the colours a part of who you are. But at some point, you’ve learned all you can from the piece. You’ve seen all the impasto reliefs and you’ve memorised every hue, marking it as time to move on.

Change is when you walk over to the other side of the gallery and explore a new painting.

That’s what I’m doing now, with a new blog.

Having said that, the Couch will stay where it is. I’ll still link back to it. I’m keeping all of the old posts there, nothing will be deleted. I’ll still mention it, I just won’t actively update it anymore.

Please, come with me on this new journey. I’d love to have you along.

Let’s paint the sky.



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